Changes coming soon.

We are excited to announce some big changes are coming your way! So earlier this year one of our owners and somewhat made us our family business, Chris Scraper, passed away. As many knew his niece and her family (mother sister, aunt) worked up here. Some faces have changed but many know that Hailee came back earlier this year to run the shop. Well we are changing owners and keeping it family! Two familiar faces that you always see in the shop are now OFFICIALLY your new owners! We are also working on a rebrand but wanting to keep it close to the original name. The image you see will be our new logo and name. This has been a long work and progress and we are ecstatic to finally make our debut. You will slowly see changes on our social media to reflect the ownership change. We do plan to make an official announcement closer to time to let everyone know the exciting news. Thank you everyone for your support!

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